Printing Cause’s Error : 0x0000007a

When a user prints an error is thrown with the error code : 0x0000007a

The solution is to delete the driver and reinstall.   This won't work if the printer has been deployed via Group Policy.   So if you are trying to fix this issue on a PC that the printers have been deployed by Group Policy, you can try the following.

Stop the Print Spooler.  You can do this via Services or using the command prompt,

Then open RegEdit, (Windows Key + R, type regedit)

Browse to the following path, replaing <DRIVERNAME> with the driver that you would like to delete, right click and delete it.

Start the Print Spooler.  You can do this via Services or using the command prompt,

Open a Command Prompt windows and type:

Log Off and Log back in and run a test print, it should now be resolved.

NetUSB Flaw

It appears that a new flaw has been found on popular routers, that port 20005 is open on the WAN side of the routers. If the router has a USB Port.

I have tested my Vigor 2830 router and it appears to be OK.  I have also emailed them for an official response.  I shall update this post when I receive a reply.

NB:, is Steve Gibson's site, pleases see the below link for further information about Steve.

UPDATE: I had a reply from DrayTek, not much of one, confirming that this isn't an issues on there devices.

Draytek USB Flaw Reply


Windows Working with Time

To find out the current time source:

To resync a server or to force a server to update it's time with the source:

Setting external time server:

A List of Time Servers: KB262860 

How to configure an authoritative time server in Windows Server: KB816042 

UK Time Server Pool can be found here.


I was receiving this error:-

"MapiExceptionMailboxInTransit: Unable to open message store. (hr=0x80004005, ec=1292)"

After much Googling and after reading various posts. It turned out that I had made the stupid error of not having the server in the correct subnet and the Exchange 2013 server was trying to get to the existing 2010 server via the firewall.  🙁

Thought I would post this for any other poor sole trying to fix this for an hour.


Project Spartan

I'm really intrigued by Microsoft's new browser, Spartan.  Here's the first video (as far as I'm aware) of it.  It looks really nice and I'm hoping the hate for IE will die along with the browser. I really want this to be an hit for Microsoft, for this top happen they need to do two things.

Add-In's, this is needed, I really love the fact that I can have a SSH client with Chrome. Microsoft have said it's coming, I hope it comes sooner rather than later.

Release it for Windows 7, if they don't do this then it's a massive mistake, just release it with out Windows 10 features like Cortana.

I think this looks really nice!