Windows Movie Maker for Sale?

Windows Movie Maker for Sale?

Over the weekend I was sorting out a few files and found a few “WLMP”, Windows Live Movie Maker Files.   I opened one using VS Code and it very nicely listed all of the “assets” used in the project. 

So I could rebuild the video using another application or download Movie Maker, now I knew Microsoft killed Movie Maker back in January, but I hoped I would find a download.  I did not, which was amazing to me that Microsoft had managed to get it off the web. 

I did find one site, so I downloaded it, then sent the file up to virus total and it came back clean. Great, so I installed it and when I opened it, I was presented with the following dialog.


Odd. So I played around with it and of cause it wouldn’t allow me to publish to YouTube or export to the project to a MP4 without buying it.  So I decided to take a look at the icon properties. 

Now looking at the properties and I noticed the exe is called “WinMovieMaker.exe”, so I took a little look in the folder and found the following.

If I run “MovieMaker.exe” it works no problem! 

How is this site allowed to get away with this, I feel sorry for all the people who must be paying to “unlock” this.  This is a valid reason why Microsoft should allow Movie Maker to be opened sourced like Live Writer was. 

Missing the point of Continuum

Missing the point of Continuum

I think people are missing the point with Microsoft Windows Phone Continuum.   In case your not aware, Continuum is Microsoft feature allowing you to connect a Windows Phone to a dock, which turns the Phone into a Desktop PC (almost), Apps run full screen and the phone can still be used independently.

Listening to various podcast’s and news websites around the web people are talking about this and looking at it from a western point of view.  How would I used this, why wouldn’t I just use a laptop?

What people seem to be missing is the growth area for devices (phones) is India.   Many in India don’t have a desktop, laptop and a tablet.   They only have their phone.

Continuum is a unique selling point in this part of the world.  People buying a phone that could turn into a PC maybe appealing to the market, time will tell, no one seems to be talking about it from this perspective, unless I’m missing something.

The World Is Changing…

… Maybe that should be the “IT” world is changing. I thought I was embracing this change. What change am I talking about?

The Cloud.

Recently I received an email from Microsoft to say that the TechNet Subscription is being retired. I was beyond upset. If your an IT Pro, then you know what good value this has been since it’s introduction in 1998 it’s been a great resource, it’s allowed me and many others to legally install and test the latest Microsoft software for a fraction of the cost to purchase the software out right.

In Microsoft’s email, software piracy is given as one of the reasons for it’s discontinuation. I’m not so sure this is valid reason, if it was Microsoft would be killing of MSDN and the Action Pack, would it not?

This is nothing more than a move from Microsoft towards it’s a push to Cloud services, part of it’s new strategy as a services and devices company. For me this is push to soon and too far, a little like Adobe has done with it’s push towards Creative Cloud.

I like many others have given our reasons for our dismay at the discontinuation of the TechNet subscription, with most IT Pros the reason being is to deploy Home Lab’s (as I do myself),  for some, it’s funny to think that IT Pro’s like to geek out at home, isn’t that how this industry started?

My theory is, this is Microsoft’s attempt at pushing us in the direction of embracing The Cloud, (read Azure) then they should introduce Azure TechNet or whatever they may care to call it. A service that allows an IT Pro to use Azure and technologies for a couple of hundred pounds/dollars a year. Where labs could be configured and tested?

Others have suggested a new level of MSDN at a cheaper cost, this would be great too, unless Microsoft see’s the high cost as a barrier to entry and thus a method of stopping piracy.

I for one as many others are,  as evident by this on line petition signed by many IT Pros and growing each day.

Please Microsoft, don’t kick the people that helped you grow into the company that you are today because you want to be more like the cool kids.