Day One – Wedding/Holiday

Today is the first day off from work to pack and generally to get ready to leave early hours tomorrow morning.  Were pretty much packed, just the camera, laptop and various other bits ‘n’ pieces that need putting into hand luggage.   Lisa has just gone out to collect her wedding dress.  We have four suitcases, never knew we needed to take so much stuff!

So we fly tomorrow at 10:30am, I think its an 8 hour flight… Can’t wait now….

Looking at the e-mail and phone calls coming in to the office looks like Phil has had a busy first day manning stuff on his own.  What I find amazing even though I have not only spoken to customers about being off and e-mailed and had those e-mails acknowledged either in person,  phone calls or an email…   They are still calling my mobile today :S

<Geek Moment>

I enabled out of office before whilst I’m away, it has to be enabled as it’s disabled by default in SBS 2003 and I think in exchange server 2003 in general.   The annoying thing is I couldn’t find a way to stop the out off office reply e-mail getting sent to internal users, still time thou. šŸ™‚ 

</Geek Moment>

Bought a Sony DSC-T70 camera to take with us, rather taking the old cannon (can’t recall the model number at the moment). 

So the next time I blog I will be sitting in our hotel room. šŸ™‚

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