The original idea for Eclipse was a system to record remote support sessions for my company Total ICT Limited, for time management.  It’s grew into something of a basic CRM package and I think to date the most complicated database app that I’ve written.It’s grew organically and to be fair could do with being threw out and started again, which may happen sooner than even I think.  Even thou I know there are better methods for writing code, I didn’t really have any choice, we needed something and we needed it fast and Eclipse is what we ended up with.

Over the years, there has been a web site and a Windows Mobile app, all that work/ed, but all buggy.  Eclipse is still in operation today, how long it will last until this version gets retired is anyone’s guess.

I called it Eclipse (I didn’t even know about the open source IDE called eclipse until some time later) because I notice, the word at the end of a TV program I was watching and thought it was fun because the company name is called Total, hence, Total Eclipse. 🙂

Unfortunately, documentation and screenshots have been almost non existent, I only have a few bit’s, screen shots of the windows applications. I haven’t been able to locate any screenshots of the Mobile app or website. I have found both the running website and the mobile app. I haven’t had chance to get the WinMo app up and running as of yet, I will add when I have chance to.  I’ve now added a video of the WinMo Application, it’s not pulling in any data as the server isn’t running any longer, you get the idea thou, basic application and it worked OK.