Happy New Year…. Again.

Sorry for not posting a lot of late… I will resume my regular posts, which will be moving to Wednesday from Tuesday’s going forward.  I’m currently using all of my spare time studying for Microsoft Exams, hence why it’s been on the quite side here.

I hope you like the new look of the site.  I’ve had a few projects going on in the background for a while and in an attempt to make sure I get them up and running I have added a Projects menu, which I hope you can take a few moments to take a look at.

I’ve been playing around with Microsoft Azure Services which allows for 10 free sites at the moment, there are limits, but it’s enough for testing/playing/learning the technology.  From what I have seen so far Azure is very nice indeed.

One of my hopes for the blog in 2014 is to get more engagement from my readers. Please do be sure to ask any questions, ask for help, tell me I’m wrong, I want a (cvil) discussion. 🙂



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