Windows Movie Maker for Sale?

Over the weekend I was sorting out a few files and found a few “WLMP”, Windows Live Movie Maker Files.   I opened one using VS Code and it very nicely listed all of the “assets” used in the project.  So I could rebuild the video using another application or download Movie Maker, now I […]

Visual Studio 2017

So I decided to install Visual Studio 2017. I have a 128GB SSD that I purchase a few years back now, I know I’m due an upgrade. 🙂 I wanted to play around with the Xamarin bit’s. So I selected what I wanted and it came to 40GB’ish, no problem I have a 1TB mechanical […]

Replica is inconsistent in DPM 2012 R2

If you keep receiving the “replica is inconsistent” error message, check the following: Windows Backup Installed. Windows Update has been run to ensure the agent is the latest version. If those have been checked, then you may have run into a known issue.  WinRE, the Windows Recovery Environment partition is getting in the way, you can […]

A policy is in effect on your computer which prevents you from connecting to this print queue

I received this error after browsing to \\server\printershare, right clicking and selecting connect, it proceeded as normal then the error was thrown, removing KB3170455 will resolve the issue. You can check if it’s installed by opening PowerShell and run:-

this will return a list it if it’s installed.  You can remove from the command […]

Excel 2010: Excel HyperLinks to images open in Internet Explorer Rather than Default App.

This issue can be annoying, it requires the registry to fix, all the normal rules apply when editing the registry. Run  regedit.exe Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT -> jpegfile -> CLSID Right-click on “Default” (the Value Name) and select “Modify” Change “Value data” from {25336920-03F9-11cf-8FD0-00AA00686F13} to {FFE2A43C-56B9-4bf5-9A79-CC6D4285608A}  

Remote Desktop fails with “This computer can’t verify the identity of the RD Gateway”

When connecting to a recently installed Small Business Server 2011 using the Remote Web Access, the following error: “This computer can’t verify the identity of the RD Gateway “”. It’s not safe to connect to servers that can’t be identified. Contact your network administrator for assistance.” would appear when trying to connect to a remote […]

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