Day Four

We went to Hollywood Studios today.  We went on the back lot tour, watched a stunt car show, which was good. Indiana Show, which was OK.  Then we went back to the hotel got change and went out for some food, again to the bar over the road from the hotel.

DSC00131 DSC00132 DSC00133

Day Three

We got up this morning and started to get ready to go to Animal Kingdom, whilst getting ready we received a phone call from Tracy to say that Pat was in hospital, she said it was nothing to worry about but of course we were worried, Animal Kingdom was postponed while we waited to find out what was happening with Pat.

She had been in the hospital from 5 in the morning and was waiting to see a doctor, when she did get to see a doctor and he performed various tests, she didn’t actual get out of the hospital until around mid day.

Whilst waiting we (Sam, Ellen, me and Lisa) went for breakfast and were in contact via mobile with updates coming from Tracy and Alan as they were staying in a different hotel.  As we were walking to breakfast we did receive another call from Tracy just letting us know that Pat was fine and was waiting for the final test and there really wasn’t any point going to the hospital.

Lisa wanted to keep her self busy as much as possible, so after breakfast we just stayed around the hotel complex and played volley ball, went for a bike ride, if you can call it a bike and the went swimming.


In the afternoon we went to Disney from 3pm to about 9pm.  It’s very similar to Euro Disney.  We went to the Bar over the road from the hotel for food and a few beers.

Day Two

Day Two

The Airport UK

A2B collected us all no problems.  We arrived at the airport 7:30am.  We checked in without any issues, we then went looking for the VIP lounge which was easy to find.  We were in a real quiet area with breakfast included, for £15 each, I thought it was well worth it and if it’s that cheap in future we’ll be doing it. 

We then got the call to board.

The flight

We boarded fine, just before we took off the captain announced that it was a 9 hour flight, which was an hour more that we thought.  We sat down and were happy watching a film and a stewardess brought us a bottle of Champagne, which I thought was from Lisa’s mum but it wasn’t, it was from Virgin to congratulate us on our wedding. 

Just as we were about to come in and land and after all of the standard announcements, there was one from the stewardess, which congratulated us on behalf of Virgin, but Lisa’s Mum (Pat) asked for this to be done,  which I found a little embarrassing.

We landed exactly when the captain said we would.


We got though the security fine, no problems, just took a while as the queue took ages as the guy seemed really slow compared to the other queues.  You now have to have your finger print taken and your iris scanned.

The Airport USA

We collected our bags and then went on a long walk to the virgin desk were we had to collect confirmation of our meeting with the wedding coordinator Monday morning. We collected OK, we had to sign for it and open it in front of her.  We then had to go and sort out the car, when we got to the hire desk, the guy told us the car we had got in the UK when we booked was like a panda!

So I decided to upgrade to a 4×4 🙂 It was a extra $15 a day, which was discounted to $12 a day as we were getting married.

The Drive

Many of first’s for me, first time driving in a different country, automatic car and the first time driving on the wrong side.  The strange thing was we just walked up to the correct class of car and jumped in it, the keys were in the door, we loaded the suite cases and drove out of the airport.

For some reason I was using my left foot to break, which made the breaking very interesting. I pretty much kangaroo-ed out of the car park.

The TomTom took a few sec’s to get a GPS fix, which it did as we left the car park (or car lot) and we set off to the hotel.  We took one wrong turn, we came of an exit we shouldn’t off, but the TomTom recalculated and we just followed it and we arrived at the hotel, in about 15 mins. 

The Hotel

When we arrived we unloaded the luggage with the help of the bell boy, if that’s what you call them.  He offered to park the car for us $18.50, so we decided to park the car our self’s. 🙂

After parking the car we walked back into the hotel, which is when we realised how big it was.  Sam and Ellen hadn’t arrived as of yet.  So me and Lisa had a drink at the bar and we had to show our ID’s, I showed our driving licenses which were accepted and we waited for them to arrive.

They were about 10-15 mins behind us as they had trouble with their car, getting the cases in and took a wrong turning too.  We all had a drink at the bar and then went to check in,  Ellen wanted us to be on the same floor, which is why we waited for them to arrive before checking in.

We checked in, went to our rooms and meet about an hour later and went out for some food at a local bar just across the road from our hotel.  The food was good and the bar was great $2.00 for a pint of fosters! 🙂

DSC00095 DSC00101 DSC00056 DSC00057

Day One – Wedding/Holiday

Today is the first day off from work to pack and generally to get ready to leave early hours tomorrow morning.  Were pretty much packed, just the camera, laptop and various other bits ‘n’ pieces that need putting into hand luggage.   Lisa has just gone out to collect her wedding dress.  We have four suitcases, never knew we needed to take so much stuff!

So we fly tomorrow at 10:30am, I think its an 8 hour flight… Can’t wait now….

Looking at the e-mail and phone calls coming in to the office looks like Phil has had a busy first day manning stuff on his own.  What I find amazing even though I have not only spoken to customers about being off and e-mailed and had those e-mails acknowledged either in person,  phone calls or an email…   They are still calling my mobile today :S

<Geek Moment>

I enabled out of office before whilst I’m away, it has to be enabled as it’s disabled by default in SBS 2003 and I think in exchange server 2003 in general.   The annoying thing is I couldn’t find a way to stop the out off office reply e-mail getting sent to internal users, still time thou. 🙂 

</Geek Moment>

Bought a Sony DSC-T70 camera to take with us, rather taking the old cannon (can’t recall the model number at the moment). 

So the next time I blog I will be sitting in our hotel room. 🙂

A Better Day Today

Yesterday I spoke about losing data at a customers site….  Well it was indeed lost.  Which wasn’t great as you can imagine.  Thankfully the customer was very understanding all things considered.

We managed to part restore some data into the database and reset the stock values, it’s now down to them to carry out a stock take and update those values and they should be up and running again, albeit without any history, I do suspect that it was all a little to easy and I think as time goes on that there will be more problems with this site because of this, I am hoping to be proved wrong.

So I left site feeling that we had done all we could had done in a bad situation, so hopefully this will be chalked up to experience for all concerned.

This is the second post as in as many days, I have no idea what’s going on! 🙂  At this moment in time, I’m finding blogging therapeutic.  I know many won’t understand why bother, but in true geek style, I don’t care.

I think the other reason, I’ve started blogging this week as I’m hoping to blog about our wedding and adventures in Florida in the coming weeks, I’m not sure when or even if I’m going to have time to blog ever single day, but I’m going to do my best, assuming the future wife will allow it! 🙂

It’s funning once I start typing I start to want to talk about all kinds of stuff, I just been reading Paul Thurrott’s blog about Amazon’s Kindle after reading that, I wish I had one for the flights for the coming weeks, as I’ve found in the pass few years that I really enjoying reading and I think this device sounds quite useful and it would be a new gadget to play with of course 🙂  As usual it’s not available in the UK as of yet, just like the Zune!

It is of course difficult knowing how much to share on a public blog,I guess I will have to buy Scoble’s book about blogging…. to see what insights I can get.

I’m using Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer to blog this and I must say, I’m loving it!

Not a good day

Mixed feelings about this, no one likes talking about mistakes they make.  Today it appears that some data was over written…. no backup smile_angry…  how many times do we have to try and drum it in to everyone, customers, staff, home users, everyone!

Customer didn’t have any backups, engineer didn’t backup before working on the server!

The thing is he was installing an update to the server (err this is a peer-to-peer Windows XP network, so the server is a dedicated PC holding all the data), which overwrote the database, the setup program didn’t warn him that this was going to happen, of course this isn’t no excuse for not having a backup!

This could of happened to anyone!

No we have to wait for the fall out from this….  to be continued.

Of course this had to happen the week before we (me and my other half that is) fly off to the states to go and get married.

Hot Air Balloon


We booked to go on a Virgin hot air balloon, we have had 3 attempts, and this was on fourth on Saturday and we very nearly did it.

After waiting around all day at home, we eventually left at 4:15 to travel about 45mins away to Knutsford. TomTom, got us their no problem.

When we arrived my Auntie Doe asked if we had out Tickets and yes we had forgotten them.

So 10 minutes later, after I stopped laughing, my Uncle John arrived with all the required paperwork, there were 17 of us in all.

The guy from Virgin arrived with the paperwork and it seemed as we didn’t require our tickets any how.

So we were then taken to the launch site and there was the Balloon siting their waiting to be inflated.

Various 011 Various 009

We had to wait a further 30mins or so, until they decided that it was not to windy and we could go up, so the inflection began…..

Various 027 Various 026
Various 031 Various 033

Yes that’s me holding up the mouth of the Balloon to allow the air from the fans to get into the Balloon, it didn’t take that long to inflate it, around 20mins. It was huge, much bigger than I thought it would of been.

So the next step was them getting some hot air into it. Which that starting doing, just before they started doing this, four people had to get into the basket to help weigh it down, so they all jumped in.

 Various 038 Various 036

Shortly after this, the rest of us were told to jump in or board! Which we did.

What followed next was 10 minutes of entertainment, as the pilot tried to get enough hot air into the balloon, we were all told to sit, which we all did, but the Balloon was getting push to one site, as you can see the basket above is tilted a great deal, it did worse than this while we were in it! Very funny!

Unfortunately the pilot decided that it wasn’t going to take off and called the flight off…. hope fully next time we will get to go up!

You can see all the images from the evening here.