Windows Virtual Server/PC VHD files…

As Microsoft has opened up the VHD file format would it not be cool if you could use Ghost 9/10 to ghost that PC’s HDD into a VHD file and you could then boot that PC up?

This would be very useful….. 

 UPDATE: Regarding VISTA Complete PC, see here.


I have purchased an XBOX360 and I’m very happy with it indeed, I have left the Sony stable for Microsoft……

SBS 2003 Features I Wished Where There

It would be cool when you logged into RWW and clicked on the Connect to my computer at work that as well as showing you the computer name it displayed the computer description, also weather a user was logged in, if the PC was powered down this was displayed via a icon, which could be clicked on to start the PC up via a Wake-on-LAN command.

 Typing this has got me thinking if I could amend the page myself…….


Hello all, this is not my first stab at blogging as I used a blog around a year ago.

I stopped when I was waiting to upgrade and transfered my entries from .Text to CS, but I’m never going to get around to doing this and I feel the need to blog every now and then.

So I back with WordPress, lets see how it goes from here……..wish me luck.