Resolve ARCserve Job Corruption

1. Start > run > cmd {enter}
2. cd c:program filescaBrightstor Arcserve Backup {enter}
3. cstop {enter}
4. Start > Run > %BAB_HOME% {enter}
5. Rename the folder 00000001.qsd to OLD_00000001.qsd
6. Switch back to the command Window
7. cstart {enter}

Note this deletes the Pruning Job As Well to recreate that

1. Start > Programs > CA > Brightstor > Arcserve Backup > Server Admin
2. Click the Settings Icon
3. On the Database Tab > Tick Submit Prune Job > Add Server name/Password for caroot.
4. Set the Prune time above (12:00 is the default on a fresh install)


You will need to create a new backup job with the selections.


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