UEFI Bypassing OEM Key Durining Windows 8 Pro Installation

We (Kanzen Solutions and I) ran into an issue with a new laptop the other day.   When trying to install Windows 8  Pro (OEM) onto a laptop which used OEM Activation, the Windows 8 Pro installer pulled the key from the BIOS and once installed was activated as Windows 8 and not Windows 8 Pro.

To get around this issue, you need to create a text file called “PID.TXT” which need to be put into the router of the Sources folder.   To this you will need to created a bootable Windows 8 Pro USB Key, and create the “PID.TXT” onto the key within the Sources folder.

The PID file is formatted like so:


Where the value is the Product Key for your version of windows you are installing.

UPDATE:  You can extract the PID from the BIOS using a tool, located here.

SOURCE: IT Pro Guru, Microsoft Technet


  1. Its ok Wayne,this might be a very simple thing to do,but i think it becomes simple atleast after doing it successfully once,now let me tell u this brief story,I hve a small shop where i diferent Laptops,one day some University student came and bought HP650 Notebook from me,it was Windows pre installed,but because he was nt familier with windows 8,he decided to change to windows 7 ultimate then alot of drivers went missing wireless netwrk inclussive,and that is what they use in the University,there is only Wireless Ntwrk so he made all the strugles he could to make him access the ntwrk on his Laptop but were futile,a friend then told him to put back windows 8 and just learn it well,but seems none of them had that disk,so he decided to come bck to me to help if i can,starting to install was the start of this problem,i then asked him if he created a recovery disk before formatting and crating partitions he said he didn’t know any thing like that.I then started strugling but seems my stugles were not fast enough for him as he wanted to go back to the University which is far and the next Town,he then saw one Celleron Dell,2GB,& 320GB,which i changed from ubuntu to windows 8Pro.& wireless was ok in it he requested that we change with his Hp of 4GB & 500GB processor Intel pentium,which we did,i continued strugling until i came to this site where i got the solution is creating a PID.TXT file using Notepad and this is what i created
    Value=AAAAA-BBBBB-CCCCC-DDDDD-EEEE [Edited by Wayne: Removed the acutal key. 🙂 ] then i saved it as file name was pid.txt. I then copied the file and pasted it in the root sources in my bootable usb,but it still boots and after clicking install now,it brings the same masage that comes when am using the installation Disk,am i not yet creating the pid.txt file well,or where could my mistakes be?Sory i wrote a litle too much but i wanted to explain the whole situation..Thanks

  2. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    You need to created the PID.TXT file, copy over to the ISO folder, create the ISO, then create the USB Pen.

    1. Would this mean that if I already have a Win8.1 ISO (MSDN one) I would need to extract the ISO, put the PID.txt file into the extracted folder, then re compile the ISO and place it on the USB or DVD?

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