DFS : The Case Of The Missing Files

I’ve actually not used DFS all that much myself.   I’ve configured it a couple of times in a Lab Environment and it just worked, of course we all know things are different in the real world. So I recently configured DFS across two servers Server-01 [names change to protect the identity of the innocent […]

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Enabling WordPress AutoUpdate – Windows Server

Looking at how to get WordPress running on Windows Server and allowing auto update to work.  This is what I did and it seems to work.    I used the Web Platform Installer to install WordPress, I then downgraded it to WordPress 4.7, I just copied the files over the install.  So I could test […]

Almost Scammed

My sister in-law purchase a new computer from what I deem a respectable retailer and to be clear, I think this is the still the case. You can imagine my surprise and shock, when I received a call from her and she explained she was trying to install office and somehow managed to end up […]

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