Well another year is coming to a close and it seems to have gone faster than the last.

2015 is going to be an interesting year for Microsoft, will they manage to turn around the negativity from Windows 8 and reignite Windows with Windows 10? Will 2015 be the year of Linux (Sorry, couldn’t resist that), I meant to say the year of Windows Phone?

I feel Windows Phone has a long way to come and it may be impossible for it to break through against Android and iOS.  Microsoft themselves have shown over the last 25+ years once a platform dominates, then it’s really difficult to break it, that said Google have managed it and if any one should be able to then I would expect it to be Microsoft.

I’m more positive regrading Windows 10.  Windows 8 tile’s never belonged on Windows Server in the first place and I feel that’s were a lot of the hate for Windows 8 came from the Enterprise IT Pro’s, who haven’t been treated well by Microsoft this last couple of years, (TechNet Subscriptions) which is one reason why Microsoft are trying to woo them back with Windows 10 and copy paste support in the command prompt, not sarcastic at all.

I’m hoping that Microsoft continue with their own hardware, I would like to see a Surface Laptop, ultra book, along the lines of Mac Book Pro?  I see no reason for this not to happen as Microsoft has said that their Surface line is aimed at the top end off the market.  I have a surface pro and like it a lot, but it does have it limitations, like not being able to use it in bed for example, it fall’s over a lot.

For me personally I have been programming more of late and this has encouraged me to push on with my own projects such DNS Toolkit, which should be an interesting learning curve.

Microsoft open sourcing the .NET framework is great news, although it’s pretty much the web stuff that has been opened sourced rather than the Windows Forms and XAML.  As with everything there are reasons for this but maybe in time.

One exciting prospect of .NET going open source is the slim possibility of PowerShell being available on Linux, one command line to rule them all. I feel that would be really powerful.

I personally want to be more productive. I feel that I haven’t been this last year and that I’ve lost a little of my Mo Jo, I need to find that again in 2015.  I hope that you all of you have a great Christmas and a awesome 2015.

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